Spa Natura

Spa Natura

Spa Natura is all about initiating relaxation through therapeutic services that promote beauty, healing and rejuvenation. Our therapists and everyone associated with Spa Natura are highly skilled and professionally trained under global standards to understand the rigors of daily life and to give you the nothing but the finest spa experience of your life.  

Ayurvedic Keraliya Massage 45 min.

Massage is a relaxation and rejuvenating therapy, which leaves a refreshed body and mind at the end. It improves color and complexion in addition, The procedure is followed by Swedana (Fomentation).






Swedish Deep Tissue Massage 45 min. 
Deep Tissue Massage concentrates on the deeper muscle layers as well as connective tissue, It relieves chronic muscle tension and also helps to get rid of scar tissue, pressure as well as friction applied on the muscle fibers improves the functioning of the muscles as it allows the free movement of them, pressure is applied to separate as well as to stretch the tissue of the muscles in order to enhance blood circulation, Deep Tissue Massage also helps in the release of toxins from the body and thus provides relaxation of the muscles.

Aroma Therapy 45 min. 
Aroma therapy is the ancient science of healing, relaxing and energizing by the use of aromatic plants and their parts, Aroma therapy helps to overcome both physical and
emotional stress.

Head Massage 30 min. 
A typical sense of heavenly relaxation by our special head massage thatcalms, and refreshes the mind.

Relaxation Massage 45 min.

It incorporates the massage technique that enhances blood circulation and provides relaxation. It includes the use of long gliding strokes primarily in the direction of the blood flowing.






 Foot Massage 30 min.


Foot represents almost the whole body and all its vital organs. A foot massage incorporates stimulating all these vital areas fora wonderful relaxation.







 Shiro Dhaara 30 min. 
This is the most popular therapy of our spa. Shirodhara is widely used as a stress reliever. It calms the mind by the micro vibrations produced during the therapy. Shirodhara gives a wonderful relaxing experience at the end.

Scrub – Sea Salt 30 min. 
Salt scrub exfoliates the dead tissues and the toxins accumulated there for a feeling light mind and the body leaving a glowing skin.

Herbal Scrub – Ayun/edic 45 min. 
This procedure consists of massage with medicated powder to create lightness in the body. Udwartana burns out the extra fat and helps reduce weight. It leaves a feeling of lightness and brings down the body weight.

Spine Therapies 45 min. 
The therapies like Kati Basti are the nature’s gifts to stabilize and heal the vertebral column, They are known to relieve almost all the ailments of vertebral area like slip disc.spondylitis, back pains etc.

Relaxation Massage for Travel Pain BL Tiredness 45 min. 
This Massage is specially designed with relaxing strokes and steps which leaves a refreshed body and mind at the end especially removing the tiredness of long journey.

Therapy Duration Cost
Facials Cleansing Toning and
Moisturizing 30 min. 1200
Mehendi As per need 500
Bridal Make ups As per need 1500
Pedicure 30 min. 500
Manicure 30 min. 500
Waxing Full hands, 30 min. 300
Half Hands, Legs.

Our Beauty Treatments
⦁ Facials Cleansing Toning
⦁ Moisturizing 30 min
⦁ Mehendi (As per requirement)
⦁ Bridal Make ups (As per requirement)
⦁ Pedicure – 30 min
⦁ Manicure – 30 min
⦁ Waxing Full hands – 30 min
⦁ Half Hands, Legs


We organise consultation sessions for yoga and ayurvedic remedies led by our team of expert trainers and qualified Ayurvedic Vaidyas to guide you better through your ailments. We also provide free assessments about Prakriti and Lifestyles with every consultation. This will help you reach the root of your ailments and plan the appropriate course of action.
Our Features
⦁ Luxurious therapy rooms
⦁ Natural location
⦁ Separate therapists for males & females
⦁ Separate therapy rooms for males & females
⦁ Consultations by Ayurveda Vaidyas for all your health problems
⦁ Consultations involve free assessment of Prakriti & lifestyle.